Talking to your pets is good for your health

My hubby thinks I'm a little kooky. I am. The fact that I frequently have conversations with our 3 cats adds to his certainty of said kookiness. 

I've always loved animals, even the ones I'm scared of (looking at you, flying insects), but as a child I didn't anthropomorphize them the way I do now. 

You know that feeling that women are "supposed" to get when they see a baby? That feeling that drives them to want to have their own or more of their own? 

Yeah, I've never had that. Except with animals. 

No, I don't want to give birth to a cat or dog, but I do have a strong urge to start a mini farm. 

When I look into the eyes of a cat, dog, or just about any animal, I get this feeling of warmth like being wrapped in a cozy blanket, feel cute little hearts spring up in my eyes, and I just want to love them, and care for them, and hold them forever. 

We have 3 cats, but if it were solely up to me we'd also have a dog, some birds, a goat, some chickens, maybe a snake.... Ahem, at the very least a dog. 

I used to see cats as very independent solitary creatures, low maintenance, and not in need a lot of attention. On the other hand I saw dogs as the opposite, incredibly needy and high maintenance. 

But I've come to understand that cats are capable of forming very close bonds to their humans, and dogs give twice as much love as they receive.

I've also learned that our pets have their own distinct personalities, wants, and needs. 

For example: 

Link loves water more than just about anything (no medical conditions, he's got a clean bill of health!) and can be found sleeping by the water bowl more often than not. He also loves to snuggle, and needs some good pets multiple times a day. Preferring a fairly quiet, chill, relaxed environment, Link is "The Dude" of cats, but replace white russians with a water bowl.

Cat Cute Fluffy Cats
 "This aggression will not stand, Man."

Isis is painfully shy around people and loves treats. Because of this, even if she's not sure about you, she will likely let you get in a few pets in exchange for some of her favorite teats. She also loves the sun, lap time, and snuggles, but mostly just from me and sometimes Eric. She needs a lot of quiet time and personal space, kind of like me haha. 

Cat Cute Sun
"Busy relaxing, check back later for pets." 

Selina is very curious, is all about play, and loves new people. She is very interested in legos, enjoys eating bugs, and loves being out on the deck. Her favorite person is Eric, and there's nothing she loves more than sitting in his lap or snuggling up beside him. She's an extrovert, so she needs to socialize and get out once in a while to explore. 

Cat Cute Pets
"Think that bird will come over here for a chat?" 

Anthropomorphizing your pets isn't all that strange in my opinion. I rather think we should all do it. To see some humanity in the animals we share our lives and homes with is a great practice of empathy. 

As far as talking to them, I doubt it's unusual at all. I'd guess that most people with pets talk to them, so you're not alone if you do. 

In fact, talking to your pets has proven health benefits. Talking to them reduces feelings of loneliness and gives us a feeling of connection, so go for it! Have full-on conversations with them on the regular! 

Studies have found that: 

Playing with a pet elevates our dopamine and serotonin levels

Pets lower blood pressure, and decrease stress

Having a pet lowers anxiety and can relieve depression 

Your pet doesn't have to be a cat or dog. Handling a snake is said to be an incredibly tactile and soothing experience, watching fish in an aquarium can be wonderfully relaxing, and birds make great company and beautiful music.

Personally, I prefer the company of animals over humans more often than not. There's many layers behind the reasons why, but I'll say this; no pet I've ever had has hurt me, betrayed me, let me down, or been disloyal. 

They're the best friends and company, never judge, don't ask for much, and are always there to provide a source of comfort. Pets are a gift from the heavens, they're our family and friends. 

Don't be stingy with your love and affection towards them, and definitely don't be shy about showing them off! 

Tell me about your pet family! I'd love to see and hear about them :) 


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