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Go climb a tree

I'm sorry to ask this, as it's an awfully personal kind of question, but have you ever been constipated? If you have experienced it, then you know it's very uncomfortable and even a little painful. They say not to strain, not to push, to relax and it will come when it's ready, but it's just too unsettling to wait so you end up straining and pushing anyway. That gets you nowhere you want to be, and fast.  Creative constipation is a lot like that too.  You may or may not have noticed, but in the last six months I haven't posted any blog updates. That's because I haven't written anything. In all fairness to myself though, in the last six months we have moved to another state (during a pandemic no less), had all of our cats require medical intervention (2 of them emergencies), introduced a new cat into our home (kitty number 4!), and had personal and family matters come up. So I've really been trying not to beat myself up about it. However, the thing abo

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