My top 6 favorite comic artists to follow

Ever since I learned how to read, maybe even before then, Sunday was my favorite day of the week because Sunday was the day the comics arrived in the newspaper. 

I would eagerly open it up and search for the comic section to see the latest issues of Calvin and Hobbes, The Far Side, Mother Goose and Grimm, Garfield, Hagar the Horrible, FoxTrot, and Family Circus (among others). 

These little strips of hyper-colored happiness were an oasis for me to get lost in for a little while each week and my affinity for comics grew from there. 

While my love for comics and cartoons hasn't left me, these days I don't go searching for the newspaper anymore because like most things they've gone digital.

I've also since discovered some new favorite cartoonists that I'd love to share with you because they bring me so much joy. Who couldn't use more joy, am I right?! 

1. Sarah Andersen 

Sarah's comics get me. I mean, I feel seen, like on a soul level. I have every book she's published, so yeah, I'm a fan. Another cat-loving sensitive gal out there in the world trying to do the best they can, her sense of humor hits home for me big time. I've switched to decaf for the very reason that's so adeptly presented in the comic above. 

Be sure to also check out her new series Fangs, about a vampire and werewolf in love. Unlike Twilight, it's my kind of love story. 

2. Cassandra Calin 

Cassandra's comics are light, fun, and relatable. They often act as little snapshots into her life, depicting her challenges as an artist, unmet expectations regarding women's fashion or the real struggle of having curly hair. As an artist with curly hair who is also frequently confused by fashion, they always get a laugh out of me. 

3. Nathan W. Pyle 

Nathan's Strange Planet series was my introduction to his work, and it's all I really need to know that his sardonic style hits all the right notes. His ability to transform the ordinary into something new through the perspective of these blue aliens is extraordinary and make me forcefully exhale through my nose when I read them. 

4. Christopher Grady 

Christopher's LunarBaboon is a slice of life comic that explores the daily struggles of parenthood with heartwarming and empathetic humor. While I'm not a parent, I get a lot from seeing how he overcomes the challenges of parenthood while living through depression with such grace. His comics often feel like a big,warm hug. 

5. Meg Adams 

Meg's Art by Moga is another slice of life comic, her comics tend to guest star her SO* and the contrasts between them like in the example above. While I'm fortunate to have a lot in common with my husband, we also have very different personality types, so I can definitely relate to her relationship and appreciate the humor she uses to express their differences. 

6. Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz

Elizabeth and Jonathan's War and Peas: Funny Comics for Dirty Lovers has a delightfully twisted sense of humor. Their comics often feature a witch or grim reaper and their antics, but also have great range. Some of my recent favorites include Elon Musk and Grimes arriving on Mars to find a species that can finally pronounce their child's name, and another where cows try to figure out the problem of human overpopulation by agreeing to fart more. 

Below are links to my top 6 favorite cartoonists and their comics, so you can follow them and show them some love too! 

Let me know what you think of them and feel free to share some of your favorites too, I'm always looking for new cartoonists and comics to follow! 

Sarah Andersen- Sarah's Scribbles, FANGS 

Christopher Grady - LunarBaboon

Cassandra Calin - Cassandra Comics

Nathan W Pyle - Strange Planet

Meg Adams - Art by Moga

Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz - War and Peas

* Significant Other 


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