I took my cat for a walk ... in the yard

Yesterday was just one of those days where you find yourself in a funk. Trying to do anything creative felt hard and I felt stuck. 

Afternoon meditation helped lift the fuzzy brain and I thought a change of locale would do some good so I moved to the living room to do some writing. I love being able to look out and see the beautiful day outside, and watch the birds in the feeder, the squirrels and chipmunks in the trees, and once in a while a deer or two walking through. I actually work in the living room pretty often because of this and as I sat down to do some writing I found myself lost in the scene outside thinking about how nice it must feel out there. Then it dawned on me, why am I sitting in here pining away at the thought of being outside soaking in the fresh air when I could just actually go outside?

So that's what I did. 

I grabbed a towel and headed to the front yard. I laid the towel down, sat, stretched out my legs, and took in the scene. Neighbors working in their garages, people going by for walks, birds chirping all around me, little chipmunks and squirrels skittering by all came together in a symphony to help in grounding me. I was beginning to feel better already. 

As I sat there taking it all in spirits lifting, a thought occurred to me. I should bring my cat Selina out for a walk! She's been out to the backyard and porch on a leash a few times and she really seems to like exploring.
It was a green kinda day 

Off I went and a few moments (and a treat) later she was taking her first few steps into the front yard. She was a little hesitant to get off the front porch at first, but slowly made her way down.

Once her eye caught hold of a couple of birds flying by she got a little braver and wanted to explore, even if still a little unsure of her surroundings.

I brought her over to the towel I had laid out to relax a little bit, there was so much for Selina to take in and it was like she was in a whole new world. I watched her as she took in as much she could and it was magical sharing this moment with her. Yeah, call me a crazy cat lady but just look at that face! *Swoon*   

Just a few minutes later though a couple of cars went by and it scared her, like full on fluffy tail, trying to run back to the house scared. I calmly scooped her up into my arms and held her little shaking body close as I brought her back in. She let me take the harness off of her, and I gave her the rest of her treat. She recovered quickly and was soon back at the screen door watching the outside world again safe from the comfort of home. It was quite an adventure. 

I left her to keep sitting at the screen door as I walked back out to the yard, sat down again and continued to take in the beauty of the nature that surrounded me. I could see a rabbit nest nearby, and could hear and see little chipmunks making their way through the grass, a blue jay flew down and perched on the tree I was facing. It was a perfect moment. 

If you have the ability to do so, getting outside is the best way I've found to get back to feeling grounded again and back to yourself. The sense of connectedness I get from sitting in the grass and feeling the ground beneath my feet is great medicine and I'm grateful for it. 

I think maybe Selina is still getting there though. 


  1. Simply gorgeous. And the kitty is cute too.

  2. She is so pretty! We tried taking our cats for a walk, but as soon as we put the harness on, they were like fainting goats. Haha!

    1. Lol! It happens! It took her a few tries to get used to it. Lots of treats were involved :)


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