Poem - Freedom

I had originally planned this post to be about intersectionality (to the best of my ability anyway). 

I would still like to post about that, but it's big, and I mean big to write and talk about intersectionality because it spans so much pain and I want to do it justice. So I'm sharing a poem instead because right now my heart is tender, and in times like this poetry seems to be the best language for me. 

Little girls, little boys 

little boxes left to tick 

little spaces to squeeze into 

Small minds, small words 

small lives to run from 

small hives behind you 

Black and white 

Colored or right 

Whose hands to hold 

and mouths to feed 

Whose shoes to fill 

to be brave and bold 

Little whispers, little murmurs 

little secrets held in linen 

 love found, love lost in folds

Unyielding bodies provocation

Wielding might but still hidden 

Big minds, big words 

big lives to run to 

big hives before you 

Black and white 

Colored and right 

These hands to hold 

and mouths to feed 

These shoes to fill 

to be brave and bold 

Enormous voices, massive choices 

Rising proud, rising loud 

Love grown, love shown

Unyielding bodies incitation 

wielding might not overridden 

Unrelenting transformation 

Ascending revolutionary nation

Let freedom ring, let freedom reign!  

- Angela Defendini 
Photo - Anna Shvets 


  1. Call me dumb but i read it 3 times and i still dont understand. Maybe i will as people comment

  2. Mmm secrets held in linen - love in the folds. I adore this bit. As I read it I am reminded of the power of being honest with our care for others, of giving it freely instead of hiding it. We are all better off when we choose to give and receive a reflection ♥️


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